Patience – Real Estate is a long term game


James Pratt will look at the reasons why some agents in an office will perform well while others in the same office, with the same opportunities, seem to struggle.

The Art of growth through self-coaching


How much of being successful is up to you   Everything.  So is it possible to ‘self coach’?  It is and Muffy Churches will give you your self-coaching toolkit – the 7 C’s.

Getting VPA


Tom Panos says you have to believe what you want someone to ‘buy’ and that includes vendor contribution to marketing.   In this special podcast series, Tom explains how to increase marketing investment by sellers.

Is your business fit for a VA?


If you have been wondering about Virtual Assistants for your Property Management business but don’t know where to start or what you need, then we have the answers for you in this special podcast with Tiffany.  Not all VA’s are the same as you will hear. We tell you how it works, when is the […]

To auction or not?


This week our special guest Justin Nickerson joins us to talk auction. Justin has just been named as the Australasian auctioneer of the year. We discuss price, keeping buyers on board at auction, why agents should use auction, how to work with the auctioneer, what to do when it does not sell at auction and […]

Buyer Perceptions of Real Estate Agent


Last year, CoreLogic released the Vendor Perceptions of Real Estate Agents report. The report was the first to examine – and challenge – the reality behind the popular stereotypes that real estate agents are untrustworthy smooth-talkers who put their own needs above those of their clients. It was a massive success!  So, in 2016, they […]

Growth is messy


If you are not growing you are going backwards but growth can be messy and full of challenges. Dane Atherton says “See the good problems of growth that you are on track”. He talks about how he had to adjust his belief system to cope with the challenges, what he had to let go of to […]

Putting together your virtual assistant team


Nikki and Richard Taylor specialise in building virtual assistant teams and in this podcast they talk about who is using them, how they are being used, the results you can expect and everything you will need to get started.

Building a ‘powerhouse business’


Lance Loken is the CEO of The Loken Group, one of the top producing teams in the greater Houston area.  The Loken Group closed $218 million in volume and 995 units in 2015, and are on track to close $325 million in volume and over 1750 units 2016. Hear Lance talk about his powerhouse business.

Interesting people I have spoken to and what they said…


I caught up recently with my good friend Ray Wood. During the conversation I hit the record button because we started to talk about the interesting people we had spoken to recently and what they said. I wanted to share my conversation with Ray because it is full of a lot of gems, observations about […]