Lock yourself away


If you haven’t done it already now is a good time to lock yourself away and think about the year ahead and the results you would like to achieve. Aaron Shiner is our guest this week who helps you kickstart your 2017.

7% of agents actually follow up professionally + Josh Phegan’s $1M plan


Commissions and operating margins will remain a big pressure for us next year according to Mike McCarthy.  He says that the 80/20 rule has become the 95/5 rule.  Attracting and retaining key people will also be a challenge.  Josh Phegan is predicting a lot of movement next year as people look for a better business […]

We need to offer value back to consumers + Your confidence is critical


You will get some great advice today about how to handle some of the disruptors this morning as Simon Jovanovic lays out some of the challenges we will face next year.  John Knight deals with a lot of businesses and sees that many are struggling to remain relevant and dealing with change at a team […]

Technology takes a great leap and impacts us + We need to evolve our systems


Greg Dickason from Core Logic says that some of the challenges we will face next year will be around the evolution of new technology – some of which we don’t even know exists right now. We can learn so much from one of the toughest markets in Australia – Western Australia.  Hear about the lessons […]

Great opportunity for deal makers + Focus on the deal, the game and people


Some more interesting insights into what is ahead is what we have for you today as Tom Panos turns the spotlight onto social media and Peter Hanscomb says that you need to get focused on 3 things to be successful next year.

Market or strategy driven + What does a full fee agency look like?


“Big plays happen in a slow market” – the words of Michael Sheargold.  Today we hear more thoughts from some of our industry leaders and in particular Michael Sheargold who says the smart money next year will be in developing strategy not just reacting to market forces.   Michael Davoren says we need to be more […]

More business done by less people + Ensure all team members are on board with client expectations


We take another look at what’s ahead for 2017 with two more Industry thought leaders in John Cunningham and Tara Bradbury. Once again we are hearing about transparency, sharing of knowledge and the need for increased skills as well as becoming more responsive to our client’s needs.

The opportunities inside our current relationships + Transparency and accountability


Two more industry thought leaders join us today as we look ahead to 2017 and what we are likely the face as new challenges to the way we do business. This morning we discuss with Dan White and Mike Green what they see as the lessons from 2016 and how they think we will look […]

Concern about sales volume + Getting used to the “new models” of business


This week and next week we will feature the thoughts and comments of our industries best thought leaders as they discuss the challenges we will face as an industry next year. We will look at the opportunities and the threats and what we can do now to prepare. Today we feature comment from Angus Raine […]

Are you marketing yourself correctly?


How are you marketing yourself? Do you have a plan? How does social media fit into your marketing? Hear James Pratt today discuss your personal marketing.