VIDEO – What’s ahead in technology for real estate – Kylie Davis


This is a special edition of Tech Talk where our technology expert, Kylie Davis takes us behind the scenes at the REIQ’s Real Tech 2018 conference. In this 19-minute video, Kylie caught up with 2 of the keynote speakers – Professor Michael Rosemann from Queensland University of Technology and Everett Shiina from Google to talk about how we can make technology work harder for us and the opportunities that will emerge when we embrace technology. click to play

What is important to downsizers?


Knowing what is important to downsizers will help you be more aware of the opportunity when you list a downsizer property. Topic – Upskill on downsizing Mentor – Greg Oddy More than retirement villages They want lifestyle Don’t overlook rental opportunities Get Social with Joel Leslie – Joel Leslie takes us on a journey into future […]

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The size of the downsizer market


Research has revealed that nationally in the last 12 months agents listed 54,000 downsizer properties. Topic – Upskill on downsizing Mentor – Greg Oddy Downsizing vs tree change vs sea change Lock and leave is key Low maintenance Property Management Matters with Tara Bradbury – The key to social media success. Transcript: Kevin:   This week in […]

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Cashed up downsizers


We’ve been talking about downsizing in our industry for quite some time, but it’s almost like a tidal wave. It’s headed our way. This week we look at the opportunities. Topic – Upskill on downsizing Mentor – Greg Oddy A vibrant market Very different from their parents Downsizers and social media Marketing Monday – The oldest […]

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Success means different things to different people


What is your measure of success?   Get a free copy of Paul’s book – email him at Topic – Truly independent Mentor – Paul Davies It is so personal What makes people so good? Get a free copy of Paul’s book Transcript: Kevin:   My guest all this week has been Paul Davies from One Agency. […]

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VIDEO – The Role of Technology – Mark McLeod

One of the themes that’s come out in the recent INMAN conference is the whole need for a single system to guide the agents and make the customer process easier. Mark McLeod – CEO of Growth at Ray White – joins Kylie Davis from Core Logic and discusses how Ray White has successfully been ahead […]

Changing home ownership and the shared equity economy

By Kylie Davis — CoreLogic Rising house prices, student debts and changed expectations from the Millennial generation are changing expectations and the traditional model of home ownership. The INMAN Connect 2018 conference brought together four new startups in the home ownership space that are rewriting traditional models and creating what’s now being known as the shared […]

If you complain about price being a barrier, wear a bicycle helmet

Sue Barrett As a salesperson, the next time you feel you are losing deals because of price, take your prospect to a cycle shop and ask them if they were to ride a bike, which one of the helmets they would buy – the one that’s on sale for $10 or the sleek, ventilated $150 […]

Would You Listen to You?

Sue Barrett Many sales people, especially those new to sales, often take it personally when a prospect says ‘NO’ and fail to persist with their prospecting efforts while others turn prospecting into stalking not knowing how to engage a prospect effectively. Either way, these people are failing to favourably and persistently position themselves with prospects […]

Trust is the heartbeat of business, sales and society

Sue Barrett I have been writing about Trust in sales and business for many years; however, this year has seen a rise in my output on this topic, especially with the fallout from the Banking Royal Commission.  Yet, trust is the heartbeat of business, sales and society. Without this life force pumping vitality through our […]

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