Rising house prices putting Millennials at risk of ‘cubby house syndrome’ – Kylie Davis

Group of houses on sale

New research reveals the emergence of an increasingly dependent generation, with young people battling housing affordability resigned to living with their parents for longer. The Perceptions of Housing Affordability (www.corelogic.com.au/housingaffordability) from CoreLogic shows that almost two-thirds of those living at home (62%) say they can’t afford to move out, while 21% of those aged 18 […]



There have been few industries that have suffered the erosion of margin suffered by the real estate industry. Agents commission has fallen from around 3% fifteen years ago to around 2% today. That’s a fall in income of a third! The increase in property values has compensated for some of that but it’s a radical […]

Why hasn’t Brisbane boomed like Sydney and Melbourne!!??!! – Brett Warren


As a Brisbane investor myself, it has been a difficult 5 years watching both Sydney and Melbourne property prices take off, as I am sure it has been for many others. There is always the teasing headline every so often in the media and from experts that it is Brisbane’s time to shine and this […]

Why 2017 should be your year for Video – Kylie Davis


It’s true. There are many real estate agents out there who have great heads for radio! But despite this, every agency now needs a video strategy. This is because video is proving itself one of the most popular ways to engage potential customers, attendees at the INMAN Connect 2017 New York conference were told recently. […]

Response times key to proving trust – Kylie Davis


The most powerful skill agents can develop to build trust with their clients is communication, according to research. But sadly, there is a dramatic difference between how the majority of real estate agents define ‘good communication skills’ and the definition held by consumers. According to the Consumer Perceptions of Real Estate surveys held in 2015 […]

Big data helps agents win more listings – Kylie Davis


Big data is dramatically changing the effectiveness of cold calling by real estate agents by identifying those property owners who are most likely to list their homes. A new product called SmartList combines the best in property data from CoreLogic with Australia’s best consumer behaviour insights data from Quantium. It identifies the insights and behaviours […]

Are you data smart? – Greg Dickason


We are in the age of data.  Data is the ‘new oil’ – able to power new revenue streams and improve efficiencies in existing ones.  With the relentless rise of both the amount of data and our tools to process it and turn it into actionable insights, it is up to all of us to […]

The Programmable Economy: An imaginative journey 15 years into the future – Greg Dickason


“The Distributed Autonomous Organisation (DAO) is dead, not really long live that DAO! “, Source: Anonymous (2021) It is 2031 and the world of work has changed.  How organisations operate, and how people work in them, has changed. We now have 2 different types of organisations: the ‘evolved’ business and the ‘autonomous’ business. Both are […]

End in sight for the property middle-men? – Greg Dickason (C.T.O – Core Logic Int.)


Our property industry has many ‘middle men’ businesses that help get deals done and make a profit as a result.  Sometimes their role is very important and they provide a valuable and efficient service, and sometimes they are little more than a tax on doing property business. These ‘middle men’ businesses are set to be […]

Why real estate agents earn different commission


Why do two agents in the same office with the same opportunities earn different levels of income? It’s easy to think it’s got everything to do with luck. ”He’s lucky because he gets more floor time”. ”She is lucky because she has been in the industry for so long”. Luck has nothing to do with […]