Methamphetamine a serious problem for property managers


Methamphetamine usage and as a result contamination is now a serious problem, with some children that have lived in contaminated houses showing the same level of methamphetamine in their system as a regular adult ice user. Residents of contaminated properties may not realise that they have been exposed until they start seeing the medical signs […]

How do real estate agents network?

Real Estate Agent Network

They network constantly! Good real estate practice has nothing to do with houses. Property remains the same.  It is the people in those houses who change, who will determine how successful you are as a real estate agent. This business is not about transactions it’s about building relationships. You can’t have a relationship with a […]

How do I get more real estate listings?

Real Estate Listing

There is no doubt that a real estate agent’s ability to list properties for sale will be in direct proportion to that person’s success in the industry. When I first started in real estate I heard the phrase ”List and Last”. At the time I understood what it meant but I didn’t realise its importance. […]

How do you sell real estate?

Conceptual image of a man signing a mortgage or insurance contract or the deed of sale when buying a new house or selling his existing one with a small wooden model of a house alongside

Such an interesting question.  How do you sell anything? You can’t ‘sell’ anyone anything they do not want to buy. You can, however, sell the benefits of something. How will the person use this? How will they benefit from owning it? Will they feel better for owning it? Will it add quality to their life? […]


Ask the experts

The best agents very rarely must ask this question and there is a reason for that. They have been able to create a business that does not rely on having to chase new listing leads all the time.  They have created an ‘attraction business’.  A business that acts like a magnet and has people coming […]