VIDEO – Mat Steinwede takes a cold shower


Kevin’s guest this week on REUNCUT is Mat Steinwede.  Here is a sneak preview of what you can expect to hear.

VIDEO – We need to inspire more women – Karuna Dimelow


Karuna Dimelow started her career with Coronis Realty as the sales agent 15 years ago. She completed their ‘on the job training’ program and after working as an agent for some time moved up to become sales manager, then running her own office and is now the COO for the Coronis Group. Karuna sits down […]

Love it or leave it + Bolting on a sales to a PM business


In this 13 minute podcast, Tara answers: The important stats to look at when buying a rent roll What investors want from a property manager (in answer to a question from a disgruntled property owner) “Grow or Go” – the message from Tara to a business owner who finds PM “a chore” The struggles of […]

VIDEO – We realised real estate ‘sucks’ – Andrew Coronis


From a father and son operation barely struggling to make ends meet over 30 years ago, The Coronis Group has grown into a property powerhouse with 20+ offices and over 300 people. Group CEO Andrew Coronis sits down in this 20 minute video to talk about the journey, the lessons, the challenges and the future. […]

VIDEO – What does an investor want from a property manager?


Catering to the needs of an investor will ultimately determine your success as a property manager.  Their needs are simple and very basic but if they are not met the repercussions will swift and cruel.  Alister Maple-Brown talks about what he is seeing top property management business deliver to their investor clients.