If you complain about price being a barrier, wear a bicycle helmet


Sue Barrett As a salesperson, the next time you feel you are losing deals because of price, take your prospect to a cycle shop and ask them if they were to ride a bike, which one of the helmets they would buy – the one that’s on sale for $10 or the sleek, ventilated $150 […]

Would You Listen to You?


Sue Barrett Many sales people, especially those new to sales, often take it personally when a prospect says ‘NO’ and fail to persist with their prospecting efforts while others turn prospecting into stalking not knowing how to engage a prospect effectively. Either way, these people are failing to favourably and persistently position themselves with prospects […]

Trust is the heartbeat of business, sales and society


Sue Barrett I have been writing about Trust in sales and business for many years; however, this year has seen a rise in my output on this topic, especially with the fallout from the Banking Royal Commission.  Yet, trust is the heartbeat of business, sales and society. Without this life force pumping vitality through our […]

VIDEO – Leveraging Technology – Leanne Pilkington


Kylie Davis is joined by Leanne Pilkington – CEO of Laing + Simmons and President of Real Estate Institute of New South Wales as they discuss one of the main topics during the INMAN Connect Conference this year – technology. In this short video you will learn: What Leanne got out of the INMAN Conference […]

4 robots you can use in real estate right now


By Kylie Davis — CoreLogic Would you let a robot negotiate the sale of your home? That was the question that got an overwhelming “no way” at the INMAN Connect 2018 session on automation and robots in San Francisco recently. But would you allow a robot to prepare all the background material, check the data, manage […]