Prospecting on steroids


This is just one segment of the 6 part interview with Daniel.  Daniel is a high performance agent and business owner who quickly established a successful business and is about to open his second office.  Here he tells us how he rapidly grows a market share in a new area. Visit for more videos!

Professional standards need to be lifted nationally – John Cunningham


We received such a strong response to our blog last week about professionalism and that was followed by an interview we conducted this week with John Cunningham – Chair of the Professionalism Committee for the REIA. In this interview, John lays out the plans for a national movement (supported by all the state Institutes) that […]

VIDEO – Leonard Steinberg from AREC 2017


Leonard Steinberg President – Compass New York Compass is a leading real estate agency in New York City. With almost two decades of experience, Leonard is recognised as one of New York’s leading residential real estate authorities. He embodies the new breed of modern real estate professional who provides substantive knowledge as well as experienced, […]

The real estate experience of the future


Kylie gives us her major take aways from the Inman Conference and how she sees the future of the real estate experience for buyers, sellers and agents.

The rollercoaster lifecycle of a business


Jacob Aldridge describes the various stages of business growth.   At each stage, Jacob looks at the priorities to help you overcome some of the speed bumps.