The Mentor steps in – Stephanie Wimpenny


I  wonder  if  you’ve  been  following  The  Mentor  with  Mark  Bouris.  It’s  only  just  started  on  Channel  7.  The  very  first  episode,  when  it  aired,  talked  about  a  real  estate  agency  on  the  northside  of  Brisbane,  and  in  the  promos,  Mark  Bouris  suggested  that  it  may  just  be  the  worst  real  estate  agency  in  Australia.We  […]

Property Management Q&A with Tara Bradbury – Podcast 1


All your questions answered.  Simply send your question in through the REUNCUT website or to Kevin directly at and we will have it answered. In this podcast, Tara answers: Where and how do you recruit the best BDMs Struggling with the balance between size and quantity In this 15 minute podcast, Tara describes the […]

Don’t fear failure


That is not an excuse to accept failure, but it is a matter of how you look at it. Failure is an important part of who we are as humans. It is a way for us to learn and is something we want to avoid but the problem with doing so is you stop going […]

Prospecting on steroids


This is just one segment of the 6 part interview with Daniel.  Daniel is a high performance agent and business owner who quickly established a successful business and is about to open his second office.  Here he tells us how he rapidly grows a market share in a new area. Visit for more videos!

Professional standards need to be lifted nationally – John Cunningham


We received such a strong response to our blog last week about professionalism and that was followed by an interview we conducted this week with John Cunningham – Chair of the Professionalism Committee for the REIA. In this interview, John lays out the plans for a national movement (supported by all the state Institutes) that […]