VIDEO – Budget impact on property – Dr Andrew Wilson


If last year’s budget was described by Dr Wilson as “The Housing Market Budget”, he says this one is not too far behind. He is curious why the Government appears to be silent on many housing issues such as supply but believes it could be an indication they believe the property market is under control.   […]

VIDEO – The 6 things that made Kevin Turner sit up and take notice – Ray Wood


Technology has obviously changed in the last little while but some of those most important things that make good agents great really haven’t changed. Kevin Turner has done a gazillion interviews over the last 14 years and he talks about the things that stand out for him; the highlights in the last 15 years. In […]

VIDEO – Top 3 things to do to develop your business – Jo-Anne Oliveri


Let’s get to know the person behind the successful Property Management Leadership Summit 2018 – Jo-Anne Oliveri, who is also the Founder and Managing Director of ireviloution. Jo-Anne is not only involved in Australia because she travels a lot overseas and a question that a lot of people ask her is the difference she sees […]

VIDEO – Building the customer relationship – Scott Downing


Many organisations believe they know what their customers want and will make decisions around product development or strategic decisions based on that. Scott Downing from Rockend does not agree with that and says …. “Give them what they want not what you think they want” . In this video you will learn: How to prepare […]

VIDEO – The Challenges of Outsourcing – Aimee Engelmann


One of the attendees at the recent Property Management Leadership Summit was Beepo – a company focused on helping businesses improve their bottom line through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Beepo is one of the few independently owned BPOs that focus 100% on the Australian market and have Australian based account management.  Its CEO & Founder, Aimee […]