VIDEO – Pinnacle and Mountaineer Awards Winners – Paula Alsford and Alana Leonard


One of the highlights of the recent Property Management Leadership Summit was the awards given by Jo-Anne Oliveri, the Founder and Managing Director of iReviloution. In this video, Jacob Aldridge, one of the presenters on the two-day summit, had the chance to exchange thoughts with 2 winners of the awards – Paula Alsford & Alana […]



We talk about developing better and even awesome culture in a business but it is important to understand the current culture, what you want it to look like and then develop the steps to get there.  Mark Creedon helps develop that strategy in this short video.

VIDEO- Youngest Developer at Apple WWDC17 + Josh’s Rainbow Eggs


The Property Management Leadership Summit (formerly ALPPPS) is a two-day summit designed for Australian Property Management Leaders, including Principals, Heads of Department and BDMs, who are serious about leadership and business success. It empowers you with inspiration, leadership skills and real-life business examples to help you step up, lead your team, and profitably grow your […]

VIDEO – Marketing ‘off market’ listings – Liane Fletcher


When Liane Fletcher was an active agent she recognized a need for agents and property sellers to have an opportunity to market properties directly to pre-qualified buyers without the expense of big marketing campaigns.  That is how Property Whispers was born. Find out how this is the ideal ‘soft marketing’ platform that will help you […]

VIDEO- 5 business drivers – Mark Creedon


What can you be working on right now to drive your business.  In this 6 minute video mark will explain how easy it is to get focus, work out the projects you need to work on now to have great impact on your business with the 5 Dials download and then use his Sprint Planner to make […]