PM Secret Shopper Shocker


Recently on REUNCUT, Tara Bradbury from BDM Academy, told us about a secret shopper exercise she did on behalf of one of her property management clients.   She shopped 15 agency businesses with property management departments, that compete with her client, to test their presentation and follow up skills with a potential investor/landlord.  Brace yourself for […]

VIDEO – Tips on motivation and influencing – Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan


Anyone can be motivated within their own value set. Motivation is less about convincing someone to do something that you want them to do and more about aligning what you want them to do with their values. In this video, the Co-Founders of the Impossible Institute who will also be feature speakers at the REIQ […]

What we are learning from these great leaders


REUNCUT and Business DEPOT have joined together to ask top business leaders one simple question…… “If you had your time again – what would you do differently” The answers have been frank, to the point and very enlightening. In this 12 minute podcast, I ask John Knight and Jacob Aldridge from Business DEPOT to give […]

Only offer 2 options + Dream BIG and plan the same way


We will tell you this week about a book written by Milton Rendell that pulls no punches but simply tells it as it is if you want to succeed in real estate. Our other regular guest for the week is Greg McDaniel who joins us from California to talk about door knocking. The real steps […]

Types of Leadership

John Cunningham (2)

One of the industry’s great leaders John Cunningham discusses the various types of leadership and ways we can become better leaders and better agents.