VIDEO – Cryptocurrency and Property – the future! – Piper Moretti

Tech Talk is the new initiative from Switch Media Group to provide you with the latest property inspired technology from around the world. We kick off the series with Piper Moretti of Crypto Realty Group. Piper explains Crypto and why Bitcoin will impact real estate. *** About Piper. Piper Moretti is the CEO of The Crypto Realty Group, a Los Angeles-based firm specializing […]

How to get the best price for your business


  The Principals who get the best price for their sales businesses identify that the true value lies in the sustainability of the income stream after they depart. John Rigby details the major factors that influence this income sustainability and Todd Pearce outlines his business growth strategies that have worked in a particularly tough market. […]

Simple income and expenses benchmarks business owners can use


  Its important how many $$$ you bring in each month, but its also vital to know how much you KEEP. Today, some examples of things John Rigby says he asks real estate principals and many don’t have immediate answers – and they should! You can grow market share in any market according to Todd […]

We need to start focusing on PROFIT and income


  The reason anyone goes into any business is to make a PROFIT. Real estate principals are no different. But its intriguing how so many in the industry are focused on INCOME ahead of PROFIT. John Rigby looks at why PROFIT is a dirty word. Todd Pearce has more to say about how he operates successfully […]

Get the operating system right | Operating in tough times


  Its natural to assume that all management teams are aligned and working to achieve common goals, there are often differences in the way different members communicate the goals and objectives of the group. The operating rhythm process drills down on not only what needs to happen, but what actually is happening. John Rigby is […]