The ‘GREAT’ method of success

  Greg Layton is the author of ‘Chief Maker’ – a book that lays out the 5 step blueprint to rising above the pack.  This week Greg is my guest as he explains the steps and toy he begins having a game plan to getting noticed.  He will tell us what to define first.  

What we are learning from these great leaders


REUNCUT and Business DEPOT have joined together to ask top business leaders one simple question…… “If you had your time again – what would you do differently” The answers have been frank, to the point and very enlightening. In this 12 minute podcast, I ask John Knight and Jacob Aldridge from Business DEPOT to give […]

The biggest reason we don’t build profile + How to justify to a seller


  How prepared are you to invest in your own profile or are you waiting and wanting someone else to do it? Hear what Jet Xavier says about that today and Adam Flynn explains how you can and should justify a seller investing in marketing. Coach – Jet Xavier – Reasons that stop agents building […]

How to get the best price for your business


  The Principals who get the best price for their sales businesses identify that the true value lies in the sustainability of the income stream after they depart. John Rigby details the major factors that influence this income sustainability and Todd Pearce outlines his business growth strategies that have worked in a particularly tough market. […]

Simple income and expenses benchmarks business owners can use


  Its important how many $$$ you bring in each month, but its also vital to know how much you KEEP. Today, some examples of things John Rigby says he asks real estate principals and many don’t have immediate answers – and they should! You can grow market share in any market according to Todd […]