Pick A Skill That Needs Some Work


Taking out this year’s win for REIQ Residential Salesperson of the Year Award was Brett Andreassen of Plum Property in Toowong.   We talk to him about what he is working on to improve.  

It Is Never Too Early or Too Late


It is award season around the country.  A time when the industry comes together to acknowledge its top achievers.  The 2020 REIQ Awards for Excellence were held recently and we talk to the top salesperson in the state about a skill he wished he had developed earlier.  

Get Curious


Being stagnant is a red flag in promoting effective leadership. How often are you prepared to challenge what you do to see if there is a better way. If you are not doing, that then maybe it is time to “break something.”  

Be Visible


Understanding the behavior of your people and being empathic towards their issues is very critical. We know about culture in a team, but how good is your culture of care? Peter talks about really listening and being there at the moment you are most needed.  

Develop Yourself to Develop Others


Continuous search on how to improve oneself to be an instrument in transforming others is a good sign of leadership. Peter tells us about a book that John Knight from Business Depot suggested he should read. Hear Peter talks about “The 5 dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni.