What parts of your business can you outsource?


Stephen Atcheler breaks down the outsourcing model to show how it works for both agents and companies. He says anything you can do on a computer can be outsourced.

Setting up a geographical database


Every business will say it has the database but what makes a good database and one that is worth real money? Not building and maintaining a good database is one of the leakage areas Jess Densley has identified. We discuss that this morning.

Don’t pay back too soon


As we continue our journey with Jacob Aldridge and look at the life cycle of the business, stage two deals with the euphoria as you achieve your goals. You will experience confidence and then relaxed growth but a great deal of frustration. Jacob today will talk about how forward planning can help you avoid some […]

Reinventing yourself – how?


Yesterday I spoke to Shannon Harvey about why she felt it necessary to reinvent herself and restructure her business. Today we start talking about how she did that.

You don’t need an original, brilliant idea


Nick Raithel returns this morning to build on his idea that will help you become the expert in your area and demonstrate it by publishing your own book. Hear how easy it is.

Turn over some stones


There certainly are a lot of dry gulleys in real estate. There are easy ways to get a quick results and Aaron Shiner shares his thoughts about that with us today. He also says you need to develop two marketing plans.

Be prepared to operate in a market of low stock levels + Build market share


The biggest challenge for next year will be a continuation of low stock levels according to our two thought leaders today.  John McGrath says you need to focus on your market share and Doug Driscoll says net profit measures will be the true measure of success.

Pressure from falling turnover and revenue + Focus on what we get paid to do


In our continuing series of thoughts from our industries thought leaders about the challenges we’re likely to face next year, today we talk to Grant Harrod and Damian Hackett.  Grant will focus on leadership and Damien talks about how we can and should add value.

Maximise your potential by taking action!


As you would have learnt over the last couple of weeks, success is very much up to the individual and your mindset. Couple that with a motivation to take action and you are unstoppable. Hear James Pratt talk about that today.

Your options


The journey with Muffy Churches is challenging you to be more self-aware, understand your current reality and what needs to be changed to get you to where you want to be.  Life is full of options but they mean nothing if you don’t explore what they offer. You cannot become what you want by remaining […]