Almost half the industry is stressed


As you will hear today, stress at work costs the economy 5 times more than absenteeism.  Jet Xavier shares some of the findings from his national survey in our industry.  Are you feeling stressed?  Here is why. The state of wellness and wellbeing in the industry Mentor – Jet Xavier Stats and Findings Wellbeing programs […]

Acknowledge phase of a seller


Communication is the key when it comes to selling anything. Especially when it comes to selling your services to a potential seller.  Today Daniel Spencer will explore the questions you can ask and the techniques to use to help gain some traction when talking to potential sellers. The decision cycle of home sellers Mentor – […]

Getting into and out of the funnel


Today the conversation with Kent Lardner turns from farm areas to putting people in the funnel.  How long do they need to be in there and what should the process be to make sure they come out the other end?   Also, joining us today is Tara Bradbury and she gives us another one of the […]

Deadlines can be the answer


Jason Andrew returns to talk about the balancing act between the seller and buyer expectations. Sometimes setting a deadline is really all you need to do. Tara Bradbury joins us again with another one of the qualities to look out for when you are hiring a BDM. The keys to balancing seller and buyer expectations […]

Don’t be afraid to show the ‘real’ you


We continue our discussion this week with Sadhana Smiles about vulnerability.   She encourages you not to be backward in showing people the real you and how to connect at a personal level. What a team looks for in a leader – male or female. Mentor – Sadhana Smiles Showing people the real you It is […]