Fast or slow growth of a rent roll


Today John Knight will tell us what he learned this year from helping various business owners decide between organic growth of the rent roll and growth through acquisition. Topic – The hot topics of 2017 Mentor – John Knight Understand the key difference Organic growth is less risk Is there a place for both organic […]

Connection – Giving to yourself first


What you do in the mornings, how you give to yourself and connect with your inner self and find contentment will help you steady your mind. This is important if you want to maintain an energy with people that they will pick up on way before the visual. Topic – Shake off baggage for 2018 […]

Initial engagement with the seller from a referral site

David Wood

How do you engage with a seller who’s been referred to you from a third party referral site? David Wood is looking at that for us this week and this morning helps us understand how we can communicate with that person. Topic – Dealing with 3rd party referrals and perceived interrupters Mentor – David Wood […]

Attend the digital interview


Today we check off the key components needed for you to conduct a successful digital interview. Topic – Developing a digital strategy Mentor – Barry Liddle Checklist of key components Your website Social media and content marketing Property Management – Cathie Crampton – Meeting the increased communication demands from owners and tenants

90% of lost business is already in your business


Do not under estimate how much business is being lost to your competition from business that is already inside your office. Jess Densley says that a staggering 90% of the listings currently being lost to your competitors is business you should already be aware of. Topic – 7 Big ‘leakage’ points in a business Mentor […]