Time to change what you think about outsourcing


Gone are the days when outsourcing was about hiding the fact that your support was done overseas and heaven forbid if any outsourced staff talked to any clients.  The popular misconceptions about outsourcing are many and they are false. Outsourcing 6 months on Mentor – Stephen Atcheler Popular misconceptions dispelled What about the language? Where […]

Why many agents struggle to get VPA


Why is it that some agents in Australia and New Zealand can achieve outstanding contributions towards the marketing from their sellers while others struggle? Aaron Shiner, who freely admits this is something he has struggled with, offers some suggestions, solutions and scripts. Aaron’s top V.P.A. scripts Aaron Shiner It is about the ‘belief’ You will […]

What are your bringing to the table?


The way to measure if you have the trust of someone is if they are willing to not even question you about commission, the method of marketing or their contribution to advertising. That certainly is a lot to ask but the building blocks to gaining trust are credibility, reliability and the emotional connection that you […]

Don’t lose your mojo + Centre the customer


Getting the balance right when you are a selling principal can be a big threat to a business.   John Knight picks up on that topic and Sadhana Smiles challenges all of us about our service to clients. A selling Principal – not be a dirty concept John Knight Avoid burnout Have people you can rely […]

Facebook Live + We are not valuers


Combining the success of high-tech with high touch is something successful agents are mastering and it’s our subject today with Greg McDaniel. Selling and servicing success is the topic we pick up on with today as we talk to Milton Rendell and we discuss agents as valuers with Jason Andrew. The real steps to real […]