Property Management Q&A with Tara Bradbury – Podcast 1


All your questions answered.  Simply send your question in through the REUNCUT website or to Kevin directly at and we will have it answered. In this podcast, Tara answers: Where and how do you recruit the best BDMs Struggling with the balance between size and quantity In this 15 minute podcast, Tara describes the […]

What we are learning from these great leaders


REUNCUT and Business DEPOT have joined together to ask top business leaders one simple question…… “If you had your time again – what would you do differently” The answers have been frank, to the point and very enlightening. In this 12 minute podcast, I ask John Knight and Jacob Aldridge from Business DEPOT to give […]

Attend the digital interview


Today we check off the key components needed for you to conduct a successful digital interview. Topic – Developing a digital strategy Mentor – Barry Liddle Checklist of key components Your website Social media and content marketing Property Management – Cathie Crampton – Meeting the increased communication demands from owners and tenants

Time to change what you think about outsourcing


Gone are the days when outsourcing was about hiding the fact that your support was done overseas and heaven forbid if any outsourced staff talked to any clients.  The popular misconceptions about outsourcing are many and they are false. Outsourcing 6 months on Mentor – Stephen Atcheler Popular misconceptions dispelled What about the language? Where […]

Why many agents struggle to get VPA


Why is it that some agents in Australia and New Zealand can achieve outstanding contributions towards the marketing from their sellers while others struggle? Aaron Shiner, who freely admits this is something he has struggled with, offers some suggestions, solutions and scripts. Aaron’s top V.P.A. scripts Aaron Shiner It is about the ‘belief’ You will […]