Get the operating system right | Operating in tough times

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  Its natural to assume that all management teams are aligned and working to achieve common goals, there are often differences in the way different members communicate the goals and objectives of the group. The operating rhythm process drills down on not only what needs to happen, but what actually is happening. John Rigby is […]

Measuring advertising effectiveness | Social and your brand | Focus on the person not the property

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  Today with Darren Saunderson there’s a great lesson for us that will help secure more listings by understanding that  you need to focus on the person and not the property. Today we look at the growing importance of social to brand with David Hickey. Coach – Darren Saunderson – List and last     •   […]

Not just stock knowledge | Self belief | Set the ‘next price’ with the landlord

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  Cathy Lammie says its not all about product knowledge but you really do need to ‘know’ your product and Adam Flynn has some advice on how to get what you are worth. Coach – Adam Flynn – Confidence is the key Getting what you are worth in a fee Working Smarter – Cathy Lammie – Negotiate like […]

What makes a great BDM? | What to say | The one skill you need

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  Don’t practice in the field and don’t just wing it. That the advice of Peter Hawtin and today Craig Hadfield will tell you about the skill you need to develop no matter how long you have been in the industry. Coach – Peter Hawtin – 5 S’s for Success Scripts What to say and when to say it Words […]

An engaged team | Grow investors wealth | Male BDM’s

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  John Knight from Business Depot takes us through some of the key things discussed at a recent breakfast from a people perspective that helps with the bottom line numbers. Look at your landlords as investors and help them grow their wealth and it will come back in spades says David Faulkner. Coach – John […]