Seek commonality


Look for common ground as a way to build stronger relationships with people. Amanda Stevens will tell us how today. Topic – 5 things to do to maximise Client advocacy Mentor – Amanda Stevens Look for common ground Ask questions Property Management Matters with Tara Bradbury – Hipsters, Hackers and Hustlers is what Tara is […]

Build a culture of accountability


There are no excuses now for not knowing the numbers that make your business tick or fail. Topic – Tips on building your business for long term profitability Mentor – John Knight Everyone is a business Know what makes you stand out from the crowd Spend money to make money Property Management Matters with Tara […]

A monumental mind shift is needed


Until property management business owners and leaders have a monumental mind shift by fearing losing clients more than their fear of losing team members, they will never achieve long term sustainable business success Reaching the pinnacle Mentor – Jo-Anne Oliveri The company is managing the client and their property Deliver the promise of the service […]

The Dane Atherton Story


Dane talks about the biggest challenges new leaders face. Topic – Take the leap of faith Mentor – Dane Atherton 3 key things when you start Recruit like a demon New business energy is awesome Property Management Matters with Tara Bradbury – KPIs which will help increase the income of your portfolio

Adam’s most powerful dialogue


Coming up against cut price commissions is a growing trend.  Here is how Adam Flynn handles it. Topic – Don’t join the race to the bottom Mentor – Adam Flynn Know what you are worth Have confidence Be prepared to walk away Property Management Matters with Tara Bradbury – Do you respect how valuable your […]