Getting respect in this competitive industry


Today we look at the responses we got from Ewan Morton – leading independent Sydney agency leader to the question “If I had my time again what would I do differently”.  Ewan is honest about how hard it was. “If I had my time again….” – Ewan Morton Mentor – Jacob Aldridge Doing everything himself […]



How to give you an extra day a week?  By getting rid of the to do list…following the rock, pebble, sand process for calendars and controlling your phone and emails. How to get more money, time and freedom Mentor – Mark Creedon The old time management matrix is outdated. Need to recognize that time management […]

See it as a journey towards excellence


Megan threw the phone to Carey Smith for this segment on leadership.  Carey runs the Ray White New Zealand operation which boasts 4 offices in the International top 10 in the group.  We get an understanding about why that is the case. Use the basics to leverage your way to the top Carey Smith What […]

Getting outsourcing wrong because you have the wrong expectation


Outsourcing is not about getting rid of staff or cutting costs.  If that is why you are looking at it then you are approaching it incorrectly.  So how best can outsourcing be used by small, medium and large businesses and individuals?  What should the expectation be? Outsourcing 6 months on Mentor – Stephen Atcheler How […]

Almost half the industry is stressed


As you will hear today, stress at work costs the economy 5 times more than absenteeism.  Jet Xavier shares some of the findings from his national survey in our industry.  Are you feeling stressed?  Here is why. The state of wellness and wellbeing in the industry Mentor – Jet Xavier Stats and Findings Wellbeing programs […]