From $8,500 to $3.5 billion


The billion dollar performer who gets embarrassed talking about money when the first thing she has to do is ask about money. Topic – Find the real you Mentor – Louise Phillips Forbes Transcript: Kevin:   This morning we top off a great week. It’s been brilliant this week, just featuring so many of the great […]

Innovation is alive and thriving


The CLIMB brand was recognized by Inman in 2016 as one of the most innovative brokerages in the USA.  Lindsay tells Sherrie about their use of ‘Airstream’. Topic – Innovate Mentor – Lindsay Listanski with Sherrie Storor Transcript: Kevin:   Introducing our special guest for this morning, Sherrie Storor. Sherrie:   So here I am with Lindsay Listanski […]

VIDEO – What it’s like at a Google Hackathon – Patrick Shallvey


Google’s Cloud Platform team hosted a 3-day Hackathon at Sydney’s head office. We’re here with CoreLogic’s Patrick Shallvey, a project manager PMO to discuss what they learned there. CoreLogic was also joined by two of their key banking partners, National Australia Bank, and Westpac. The Hackathon tackled some of the big issues that the property […]

Walk a mile in their shoes


Great agents put themselves in the other person’s shoes to understand what then need and where they are going. Topic – The 30,000 foot view Mentor – Tami Bonnell – EXIT Realty Corp. International Transcript: Kevin:   One of the delights of being at Inman Connect in New York is just the people we meet, the opportunities […]

There is more to a photo than you see


Images can tell you more about a property than what you see and this technology can help buyer search. Topic – The opportunities we overlook Mentor – Dominik Pogorzelski with Kylie Davis Transcript: Kevin:   This morning on the show, Kylie Davis is going to catch up with a gentlemen she met at Inman Connect in New […]