Starting over – discipline vs motivation

If you are motivated it is unlikely discipline will be a problem. If it is, then maybe you should check why you are doing what you are doing. Mentor – Raymond Kuceli

Starting over – the unreasonable friend

Sometimes the worst advice you will receive will come from the more experienced people in the office. Look to have someone on your team who can tell you the truth and who has your best interests at heart. Someone invested in your growth and development. Mentor – Raymond Kuceli

Starting over – expectations

Rome was not built in a day. It is easy to watch a very successful person and believe ‘I can do that’ because they make it look so easy. Be content to start slow and build on a solid foundation. Mentor – Raymond Kuceli

Starting over – the plan

You would not start a road trip without some sort of plan or map – at least in your head. Turning up to work each day without a plan is madness. If you have no destination in mind – any path will get you there. Mentor – Raymond Kuceli

Productive agent

How is your calendar looking – or your appointment book – your diary or whatever it is you use to keep yourself on track?  Well here is the bad news – they do nothing to make you more productive as an agent.  Darren Saunderson explains. Guest – Darren Saunderson