Scripts and dialogue

It is not what you say it is how you say it.  A well thought out message that you believe in and can therefore say with conviction will be more powerful. Mentor – Aaron Shiner – 2020 eCourse

Lazer focus

Forget the bright new shiny toy.  Plan what you need to do and do it over and over.  Stop looking for new ways. Mentor – Aaron Shiner – 2020 eCourse

Plan to get more listings

Succeeding in real estate is not rocket science.  It is the basics done well.  What Aaron says today makes absolute sense but escapes most agents. Mentor – Aaron Shiner – 2020 eCourse

3 ways to build trust

It is even more critical than ever to build trust but because of the need to be more ‘arm’s length’ you need to do it better. Mentor – Aaron Shiner – 2020 eCourse

Listing 2.0

Look at listing as a process that does not stop the moment you get the listing.  Every listing should lead to a sale which leads to at least one more listing. Mentor – Michael Sheargold –