Tech implementation

In 2019, recognizing the challenges facing sellers, buyers, agents, and the market, Mark Morrison created the AgencyHQ network model.  In this digital age, developments in technology mean that the business model can and has changed.  Mark discusses that today with James Pratt.

Challenges in expansion

Expansion and growth for the sake of it are not smart.  Expansion requires planning to ensure the growth that follows is able to be serviced.  Growth pegged to ego is a sure way to fail.  Mark Morrison heads up Agency HQ and says that has been the undoing of many good businesses.  He discusses that […]

Build it and they will come

After taking on some challenging roles with a number of leading property groups, Mark Morrison brings his vision, creativity, and innovative outlook to AgencyHQ.  This week Mark is James Pratts’s guest as James is curious about how he is building the team.  More today on culture.

Be on the lookout for this culture

This week leading international auctioneer James Pratt has as his guest a man Who has been instrumental in spearheading the growth of some of the real estate industry’s most recognized brands.  James talks to Mark Morrison about his new baby Agency HQ and kicks it off today with culture.

The 4 Levers of Transformation

Very successful people are restless – constantly looking for improvement – never being satisfied with the status quo.  No matter what is happening it can always be better.  In his book Chief Maker, Greg Layton sets out the  levers to pull in transforming a team’s performance.