Get passionate about something


What is your passion?  For Jeff, it is photography.  Hear how that has changed his thinking about his role as a serial property digital entrepreneur. Topic – Stuff we don’t talk enough about Mentor – Jeff Turner

Make nurture second nature


An agent with a conceptual understanding of how the database model works knows that nurturing relationships is the key to consistent, long-term success. Topic – Mining the data Mentor – Shontelle Gregory-Hunt  

Old School Still Wins


Old school isn’t always cool but Sam Griffiths thinks otherwise. In today’s episode, he tells Kevin Turner about the simplicity of the one property manager, portfolio-based model that is the key to their success. He also gives us a snapshot of what could be one of the largest property management teams in the country at […]

False fear holds you back


Although some agents are exceptionally good at building long-lasting quality relationships, most are not.  It could be that you fear finding out but that could be false. Topic – Mining the data Mentor – Shontelle Gregory-Hunt  

Too many leads?


Adding to your pipeline is worth nothing if you don’t have a strong pipeline process in place.  Here is what you need. Topic – Mining the data Mentor – Shontelle Gregory-Hunt