The gift of depression

Why Cameron called his depression “a gift”. You have to go deep to go forward. The power of reflection. Anchor: Dean Yeo – Mentor: Cameron Schwab –

Start with a question each day

People want to believe in something bigger than them. A daily check-in as a leader ask – “do I believe in my people and do they believe in me” Anchor: Dean Yeo – Mentor: Cameron Schwab –

Ambition vs Systems

Design beats discipline.  An individual kicks a goal but a team scores a goal. We don’t rise to the level of ambition, we fall to the level of our systems. Anchor: Dean Yeo – Mentor: Cameron Schwab –  

Key Learnings After 90 Days


As with any experience, after a period of time, it is interesting to reflect on what you thought a journey would be like and what has actually happened. Dan asks Angelo and Nathan what they would change if they had their time again. Anchor:  Dan Argent – Mentors: Nathan Thomas & Angelo Cirillo – […]

Cheer Leaders And Support


If you think you can start a new venture without the support of your family and friends then think again. The challenges you don’t even know about at the start will impact you even more if you don’t all get on the bus. If you want to go fast – go alone. If you want […]