The best lessons come poorly wrapped


When times are tough it can feel very lonely.  Ask someone you respect what they would do and you will be surprised how much clarity that will give you. Topic – Rik’s Fast Five Mentor – Rik Rushton Rik’s tips on getting out of a trough You will be surprised how many people have experienced […]

Choice management NOT time management


When you choose to follow someone else’s plan you abandon your plan.  That can lead to bad time management. Topic – Rik’s Fast Five Mentor – Rik Rushton You choose How do you set up your day? Plan your day like you plan your holiday Get Social – Joel Leslie Here is how you could […]

Getting growth


Rik Rushton gives us a simple indicator that will have you on a growth path Topic – Rik’s Fast Five Mentor – Rik Rushton Can you do this to get growth? Rik’s No 1 growth activity Take the time to build the activity Developing your leadership style – Jacob Aldridge What do you need in […]

How to reject a buyer offer as part of a negotiation


The high ground is what you need in any negotiation. Here is how to talk to buyers to do just that. Topic – Rik’s Fast Five Mentor – Rik Rushton Getting a buyer to make a decision How bragging will come back to bite you Giving a buyer a reality check Property Management Matters with […]

Tough talk with sellers


Great dialogue today from Rik Rushton when you have to explain to the seller the need for a price reduction. Topic – Rik’s Fast Five Mentor – Rik Rushton What to say when sellers resist early offers Price “improvements” not “adjustments” How to explain the need Marketing Monday – Denise Quick from R&H Yamba tells […]