VIDEO – Future of Real Estate Photography – Peter Schravemade

A picture tells a thousand words. Words are important but in this digital world, where first impressions are everything, poor quality photos, videos, virtual tours or floor plans can ruin the potential of a sale. You only get one chance and with more people making decisions about property by looking at the online representations – […]

Mat’s 20 ways to succeed | Who has the power? | What is the pitch?


  Today we look at the final step in Peter Hutton’s move to secure the love price. He calls it “the pitch”. Today also we will give you a sneak preview of what’s in store next week as Mat Steinwede outlines the 20 ways to become a top performer. Coach – Chris Hanley – Negotiation […]

Eagles and turkeys | Become a master marketer | Stop ‘chest beating’


  When you are recruiting, its best to remember that eagles won’t fly with turkeys. Having non-performers on your team restricts you from recruiting the people you may want to have join you, but that’s just one of the downsides. John Paranchi returns today as well. Coach – Glenn Twiddle – Lessons from the field […]

Mix social media with contact | Fail to launch | What happens without you?


So often I hear from agents who set up a marketing plan and then for some reason, fail to pull the trigger. Is it fear of failure? Fear of success? Lack of self belief? Ray Wood has identified it as the next big dream destroyer. More from Daniel Hayes and Peter Hawtin today as well. […]

The story | No 1 skillset | Are you mobile?


Karen Hutton wraps it all up today so by now you should be writing killer copy, Michael Sheargold discloses the No 1 skillset and Ray Wood wants you to check how mobile you are. Coach – Karen Hutton – Writing Killer Copy Pulling it all together The magic ingredient Working Smarter – Michael Sheargold – […]