Use structure to secure marketing dollars | One goal at a time | Building wealth

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  Our guests this week – Jarrad Boffo from LJ Hooker and Matt Lancashire from Ray White – both run very successful businesses and they discuss two very relevant issues that impact all businesses – leadership and getting VPA. Coach – Jarrad Boffo – Leadership & Rapid Growth Focus Just one goal at a time […]

Mat’s 20 ways to succeed | Who has the power? | What is the pitch?

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  Today we look at the final step in Peter Hutton’s move to secure the love price. He calls it “the pitch”. Today also we will give you a sneak preview of what’s in store next week as Mat Steinwede outlines the 20 ways to become a top performer. Coach – Chris Hanley – Negotiation […]

Eagles and turkeys | Become a master marketer | Stop ‘chest beating’

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  When you are recruiting, its best to remember that eagles won’t fly with turkeys. Having non-performers on your team restricts you from recruiting the people you may want to have join you, but that’s just one of the downsides. John Paranchi returns today as well. Coach – Glenn Twiddle – Lessons from the field […]

Plans and activities | Agents need to close | Seconds from success

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  Today as we discuss your CRM, Luke Newton will focus on activities and plans. Bryce Holdaway helps us work better with buyers and Amy Sanderson has some thoughts on first impressions. Coach – Luke Newton – What you need to run a great CRM Daily activities Schedule plans and follow up How to measure […]

Use it or dump it | Sack bad people | Remove ego

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Assassins are people who shoot down your ideas, attack your plans and assassinate your enthusiasm. It’s hard enough taking on a challenging project like a real estate career without being torpedoed from someone who’s supposed to be in your corner. We tell you what to do about them today. Peter Hawtin talks about why so […]