Deals still fall apart | The marketing needed to get the love price | Are they buying what you are saying?



An important part of getting someone to see your side is firstly making sure they are buying what you’re saying. More on this today from Mark Frater as he continues to talk about the picture process. Peter Hutton looks at the kind of marketing you need to secure the love price and Chris Hanley has more on negotiation tips.

Coach – Chris Hanley – Negotiation tips

  • Thin ice deals
  • Cover all conditions
  • They can still fall apart

Working Smarter – Peter Hutton – Nailing the LOVE price

  • Step-4 PROMOTE: (marketing)
  • What kind of marketing is needed to get ‘The LOVE Price’
  • Positioning / frequency / reach
  • The 4, 40, 4, 2 Rule

SkillMark Frater – The Picture Process

  • The close should be the easy part of the process.
  • Is the seller ‘buying’ what you are saying?
  • What questions do you have to ask?

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