Dig deep | Growing a big rent roll | Your expectations or theirs?

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Today we get advice from Amy Kaslar about getting sellers to see reality in this market and more importantly getting properly sold.

Mark Frater is back with some suggestions about how you can dig deeper and find out how good you can really be.

Chris Rolls shares some great strategy he has employed in his rent roll.

Coach – Amy Kaslar – Getting them sold

  • Expectations
  • Set them up
  • Should it be your expectations or theirs?

Working Smarter – Mark Frater – Big Picture Strategy

  • How deep can you dig?
  • Push yourself
  • There is always another level

Property Management – Chris Rolls talks about his strategy for growth of his rent roll

Last Word: John McGrath

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  1. Lets not forget its a people business, all about the people, very little about the real estate.
    Real estate may well be the instrument that leads to their happiness or success even the reward for hard work over a massive period o time i.e. retirees, parents helping their children eve single person in their own right.

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