Efficient property management – Tamsin Wilson


Rockend Rockstars is a brand new series where we talk to some of the rockstars in the property management industry and we are absolutely delighted to present a show focusing on property management.

Our guest for our first episode is Tamsin Wilson from Belle Property. Tamsin and Belle Property run a tight ship, focusing on processes that allows them to deliver a consistent service to their landlords without relying too much on a property manager.

Their business is about 15 years old with strong owners that have always been within the community in Parramatta. They’ve had two major purchases over the time – first at 1000 properties then another 1000 properties a few years later.  As a result, one of their biggest frustrations is they’re always looking at growing the scale and reach of their business without jeopardising jobs and their people.

Although they can be more efficient since their team is very structured and they are all trained the same way, they still try to save as much time as possible. Technology is still very fragmented for them but even if it only saves them 5 minutes a day, they’ll try to adopt it.

Belle Property is currently in the process of moving to PropertyTree and is one of the largest businesses jumping to the platform. As for anyone who wants to move to Property Tree, Tamsin suggests that they experience the customer’s journey and what you want to achieve for them.

The way they’re communicating with clients is changing and it’s not necessarily relationship or technology-based, but rather, understanding what customers do. For example, if you send an email, people don’t necessarily check their personal emails at work or work emails at home. But if you send a text or WhatsApp message, then they can immediately see it.

Happy staff, happy customers

“We’re always trying to see how we can make sure that our staff are happy to come to work every single day.” She believes that if staff are happy to go to work everyday, then they’re going to work harder and more efficiently with their landlords and tenants. They’re going to be glad to go the extra mile.

“At the end of the day, if you’re happy and smiling, you’re going to enjoy coming to work, the tenants are going to feel it.”

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