How do I become a million dollar agent?


Becoming a million-dollar agent starts with mindset. I get annoyed when I hear people say, “I will believe it when I see it”.  Doubters – non-believers – negative people.  I prefer to be around people who believe they will “see it when they believe it”. You must believe in your vision, your goal, what you […]

I need to find more real estate listings! Where do I look?


The best place to look for new listings is in the most in the agency.  In the old listings file. Go to that file now and look for listings that were withdrawn for whatever reason.  It does not matter why and in fact don’t spend any time finding out.  It will be a waste of […]

How do I create a killer Real Estate Listing Presentation?


Like anything, to be successful at listing property as a real estate agent you need to develop a process. With every process there are clearly defined steps. Here are some steps that may help you define your own process. Every presentation appointment should be confirmed with an email that can carry an attached questionnaire. The […]

How do I find the right Property Mentor for me?


Remember when you learned how to drive? You were probably very excited about getting behind the wheel and taking off on your own. Before you could do that, though, you had to figure out how the car worked, and how to manoeuvre it to get to where you wanted to go. There were moving parts […]

What makes the best Real Estate trainer?


In an earlier blog we discussed the qualities of the best real estate trainer: experience knowledge about the industry a track record maturity courage to tell you the truth a caring attitude Try asking some questions like: Why should I appoint you as my trainer? What can you teach me? What would your plan for […]

What is the fastest way to get my first Property Listing?


The first months in the real estate business are sure to be a challenge.  At times it will seem lonely and highly competitive. Good agents in your office will make it look so easy.  You will find yourself saying “How did they do that?” Remember that they may have been at it for years and […]

How do I get more Property Listings? Is prospecting that important?


Let’s face it, when you start building your professional real estate sales career you don’t really hit the ground running. It takes time to build the foundations and that all starts with a plan. The first part of that business plan MUST be your prospecting plan.  To do that you will need these tools and […]

My colleague has a Best Real Estate coach do I need one to?


Do you need a real estate coach?  Everyone needs a coach – some more than others but that is not the question you need to ask. Will you benefit from having a coach?  I will answer that later. I wrote in an earlier post about how to choose a coach and once you have decided […]

How do I Become a Master of Real Estate Negotiation?


Originally written by Terri M Cooper and Dirk Zeller and re-created here with their kind permission Are you making money or, like many agents, going backwards? Having strong communication skills will mean success in achieving mutually beneficial outcomes during any negotiation. You can’t leave it to chance. Often, there will be a level of emotion […]

How to market myself as a Real Estate Agent?


There are many ways you can promote yourself as a real estate agent: Social media Newsletters Letterbox drops Supporting local events Offering to speak at schools Offering incentives to local charities Holding open homes Newspaper advertising Radio advertising That is just a few suggestions and there are plenty more.  So many in fact, it is […]