Secrets of great real estate negotiators


We can learn a lot about developing strong negotiation skills by listening to how top negotiators work.  Recently I asked two top property negotiators for their tips.  The audio interview was originally produced for Real Estate Talk, but here is a transcript: Kevin:  Top negotiators are always great people to talk to, especially if you […]

12 Real Estate Marketing Ideas


There are so many ways to market yourself as a real estate agent.  So many in fact that many agents try bits of each and do none of them well. I am going to suggest some here and no doubt you will have others you will have seen in the past that you thought would […]

3 reasons why you need a real estate Mentor


What is the purpose of a Mentor? A mentor is someone who will be a help to a new person in the industry, simply because a mentor is already successful and is able to describe the activities that are needed to make someone else successful. If you are new to the industry, you will find […]

How much does it cost to have a real estate trainer?


I find it amusing that we want sellers to view any marketing expenditure as an “investment” because they are investing in the sale of their property. Then when it comes to improving our skills through training, securing a coach or a mentor, we look at it as a coast. Change how you look at the […]

How to get a constant flow of listings leads


There is a saying in real estate – “List and last!” There are two sides to a real estate transaction – seller and buyer or from a real estate salespersons perspective – list and sell. But they are not two equal sides.  If they were, the commission earned from a sale would be split evenly […]