Outstanding real estate presentations


First impressions count and there is no better demonstration of this that with a listing presentation.   You have seven seconds to make a first impression. When you think about it, that could be the first seven seconds of a telephone conversation or the first few seconds when you meet someone for the first time.  It […]

Zero to million dollar agent

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but if you want to become an overnight success, then don’t pick real estate as a career! You would be forgiven for thinking that, from what you hear and what you are told, ‘anyone can earn a million dollars in commission – you just have […]

Getting more listings as a real estate beginner


Building on my last post “How to get more real estate listings” – let’s deal with getting more listings as a beginner. The best agents in your office will make everything they do look so easy so don’t get dis-heartened if you seem to be coming up against a brick wall. In the early days […]

How to get real estate listings


As I have said in the past, there is no easy way to success.  If it was easy then anyone could do it and every agent would be a success. In fact you can walk into any real estate office and find a group of agents who have the same amount of time and the […]

Powerful scripts and dialogue


Successful people leave clues. You can learn so much from watching and learning how talented and successful people operate. Most times they don’t know how good they really are because what they do comes naturally. That does not mean that their talent was born with them – it can learned – but then it needs […]