How to market myself as a Real Estate Agent?


There are many ways you can promote yourself as a real estate agent: Social media Newsletters Letterbox drops Supporting local events Offering to speak at schools Offering incentives to local charities Holding open homes Newspaper advertising Radio advertising That is just a few suggestions and there are plenty more.  So many in fact, it is […]

How important is communication as an agent in real estate?


Great agents excel as negotiators. We’ve said before that the greatest skill you can develop is the art of negotiation. Doing the deal. That is what will separate a great agent from a good agent. So, if being a first-class negotiator is the goal, then good communication is essential. Communication should always be “two way”. […]

How does good Marketing make a difference to sale price?


There is an old saying that applies here – “You can’t sell a secret”.  If a seller wants you to market a property with no commitment from them to pay for (or at least contribute to) the marketing then I am afraid you have a non-committed seller. Look at it this way.  You are being […]

Does an agent really need a Real Estate Mentor?


To answer this question correctly we need to firstly look at the difference between a mentor and the coach. A mentor is someone who will be a help to a new person in the industry, simply because a mentor is already successful and is able to describe the activities that are needed to make someone […]

How to become a better real estate negotiator?


There are a number of skills you need to have to be a successful real estate agent, but without a doubt the most important skill is your ability to negotiate. That is what will separate you from other agents. At the end of the day, even if they don’t realise it, that is what every […]

How to select the best real estate trainer?


If you’re looking to get the best trainer to help you grow your business the first thing you should not do is get someone who makes you feel comfortable. You need to find a coach or trainer who offers: 1. experience 2. knowledge about the industry 3. a track record 4. maturity 5. courage to […]