Is it a listing or a liability?

Don’t kid yourself.  Not every listing is GOLD! Very few listings come to the market as hot listings.  It takes skill and time to bring a property to market that is attractive to buyers. Real buyers know value and if you suggest a new overpriced listing is ‘hot’ or ‘won’t last’ or is ‘fresh’, or […]

Learn to swim upstream

I am constantly amazed at how many real estate agents are content to watch what others do – and do the same even though they don’t achieve great results. Others will see what successful people do and draw judgement.  Say things like – ‘that won’t work here’ or ‘I tried that and it didn’t work’. […]

Why most sales training is a waste of time

I vividly remember my first month in real estate.  Bloody frightening! Like most people, I was enrolled in a training course to teach me everything there was to know about being a successful real estate agent.  The course went for 5 days!  In just 5 days all my questions would be answered and I would […]

How do real estate agents network?

Real Estate Agent Network

They network constantly! Good real estate practice has nothing to do with houses. Property remains the same.  It is the people in those houses who change, who will determine how successful you are as a real estate agent. This business is not about transactions it’s about building relationships. You can’t have a relationship with a […]

How do I get more real estate listings?

Real Estate Listings

There is no doubt that a real estate agent’s ability to list properties for sale will be in direct proportion to that person’s success in the industry. When I first started in real estate I heard the phrase ”List and Last”. At the time I understood what it meant but I didn’t realise its importance. […]