Mat’s 20 ways to succeed | Who has the power? | What is the pitch?

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Today we look at the final step in Peter Hutton’s move to secure the love price. He calls it “the pitch”. Today also we will give you a sneak preview of what’s in store next week as Mat Steinwede outlines the 20 ways to become a top performer.

Coach – Chris Hanley – Negotiation tips

  • Who is at the back table?
  • The one with the power
  • Ask the question

Working Smarter – Peter Hutton – Nailing the LOVE price

  • Step-5 PITCH:
  • What is the pitch?
  • What is emotional momentum? And how do you move buyers to making a buying decision?

Friday Comment – Get a sneak preview of Mat Steinwede’s 20 ways to become a top performer.

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