Power of reciprocation | What is a leading question? | Prospect 4 hrs a day

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Allan Pease says leading questions are the most closed-ended possible, in that they only invite agreements on your personal opinion.

Have you noticed how people who are successful in most walks of life usually have the gift of being good negotiators? In fact, they are more than that – they are good persuaders. They have the ability to influence others to go along with their point of view. Hear the six universal principles of influence.

Coach – Allan Pease – Conversation killers

  • Asking Leading Questions
  • Don’t invite agreement on your opinion
  • Avoid them when you can

Working Smarter – Maya Saric – Selecting viable salespeople

  • How quickly can they develop?
  • What does it really take?
  • Prospect for 4 hours a day

Skill – Michael Yardney talks about one of the six universal principles of influence.

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