Pulse check on your listings


Successful agents know that it’s not a matter of how much stock you have, but the quality of the stock in your portfolio. Here are some of the questions you should ask before you take on a new listing and a ‘pulse check’ you should run regularly over your current listing stock. As a general […]

Miss the first week and you miss the market


It is that simple.  You need to be ready when you list a property because the first 7 days are critical. A simple piece of research done in New Zealand revealed that a quarter of all viewings on a property take place in those first 7 days. The reason for this is not difficult to […]

VIDEO – The 6 things that made Kevin Turner sit up and take notice – Ray Wood


Technology has obviously changed in the last little while but some of those most important things that make good agents great really haven’t changed. Kevin Turner has done a gazillion interviews over the last 14 years and he talks about the things that stand out for him; the highlights in the last 15 years. In […]

Is it a listing or a liability?


Don’t kid yourself.  Not every listing is GOLD! Very few listings come to the market as hot listings.  It takes skill and time to bring a property to market that is attractive to buyers. Real buyers know value and if you suggest a new overpriced listing is ‘hot’ or ‘won’t last’ or is ‘fresh’, or […]

VIDEO – Top 3 things to do to develop your business – Jo-Anne Oliveri


Let’s get to know the person behind the successful Property Management Leadership Summit 2018 – Jo-Anne Oliveri, who is also the Founder and Managing Director of ireviloution. Jo-Anne is not only involved in Australia because she travels a lot overseas and a question that a lot of people ask her is the difference she sees […]