Why The Portals Are Worried About Facebook – Kylie Davis


by Kylie Davis The real estate industry has always had a love hate relationship with the portals. While it’s the portals that own the best audience for property buyers – and are therefore an important part of any vendor’s marketing spend – the charging models and sense of dependence has always irked agents. No-one likes […]

The state of leadership in real estate – Kylie Davis


The stereotype of the big, street smart, self-taught real estate agent is being challenged by a new breed of business educated and managerially savvy agents. New leadership research on the real estate shows these new breed of principals run tighter ships that have better employee engagement and are more transparent and disciplined around process and […]



A lot of people who are planning to be a real estate agent are too consumed in getting their license. Which you can easily do by studying. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. So what does it take to succeed in this profession? For a start, you need to make sure you […]

Methamphetamine a serious problem for property managers


Methamphetamine usage and as a result contamination is now a serious problem, with some children that have lived in contaminated houses showing the same level of methamphetamine in their system as a regular adult ice user. Residents of contaminated properties may not realise that they have been exposed until they start seeing the medical signs […]

How do real estate agents network?

Real Estate Agent Network

They network constantly! Good real estate practice has nothing to do with houses. Property remains the same.  It is the people in those houses who change, who will determine how successful you are as a real estate agent. This business is not about transactions it’s about building relationships. You can’t have a relationship with a […]