Love it or leave it + Bolting on a sales to a PM business


In this 15 minute podcast, Tara answers: What to do if you are struggling for more time The courses available to learn about property investing Developing a Newsletter and getting good content How we ask the wrong question about rent arrears All your questions answered.  Simply send your question in through the REUNCUT website or […]

Ask – don’t assume you know


Stephanie Wimpenny shares the big things she and her family-owned real estate business learnt from being on The Mentor with Mark Bouris Topic – 5 things I learnt from Mark Bouris Mentor – Stephanie Wimpenny Market research and testing What to test and how Why ask people Marketing Monday – Fancy sleeping under the stars […]

Client Connection


The geographical database client relationship model Topic – Elite Agency Success System Mentor – Jess Densley Understanding the true value of data in your market Communication rhythm Ongoing measurement and performance Automated digital marketing Building relationships Marketing Monday – How important is it for you to become a thought leader – an influencer in social […]

7% of agents actually follow up professionally + Josh Phegan’s $1M plan


Commissions and operating margins will remain a big pressure for us next year according to Mike McCarthy.  He says that the 80/20 rule has become the 95/5 rule.  Attracting and retaining key people will also be a challenge.  Josh Phegan is predicting a lot of movement next year as people look for a better business […]

We need to offer value back to consumers + Your confidence is critical


You will get some great advice today about how to handle some of the disruptors this morning as Simon Jovanovic lays out some of the challenges we will face next year.  John Knight deals with a lot of businesses and sees that many are struggling to remain relevant and dealing with change at a team […]