We need to offer value back to consumers + Your confidence is critical


You will get some great advice today about how to handle some of the disruptors this morning as Simon Jovanovic lays out some of the challenges we will face next year.  John Knight deals with a lot of businesses and sees that many are struggling to remain relevant and dealing with change at a team […]

Technology takes a great leap and impacts us + We need to evolve our systems


Greg Dickason from Core Logic says that some of the challenges we will face next year will be around the evolution of new technology – some of which we don’t even know exists right now. We can learn so much from one of the toughest markets in Australia – Western Australia.  Hear about the lessons […]

Be prepared to operate in a market of low stock levels + Build market share


The biggest challenge for next year will be a continuation of low stock levels according to our two thought leaders today.  John McGrath says you need to focus on your market share and Doug Driscoll says net profit measures will be the true measure of success.

John McGrath talks candidly about how the ‘rules of real estate’ are changing


Kevin asked John McGrath if he would give him some time because he is concerned about the growing number of people leaving the industry because they just can’t cut it. Times have changed. There is a new breed of agent and they are not just breaking the rules, they are making new ones.

Getting marketing contribution is critical + Just drink the water

Andrew & Lindsay

Andrew Lutze will discuss this morning exactly when you should raise marketing during a presentation. One of the benefits of becoming a hyper local agent is that you get to focus on just one area thus making it easier to understand the market and become an expert. That will be a great benefit to both […]