Do you fear the phone? – Rosa Zoccali


Do you fear the phone? If you do, then you’re not alone. Many agents will send an email or a text before picking up the phone and calling their client. But is that costing you time (and money)? In this episode of Rockend Rockstars, Rosa Zoccali shares an experience where calling solved a problem in […]

Getting your message across – Kylie Walsh


Has the dependence on technology taken away some of the skill property managers need for face-to-face interaction? Tech makes our lives easier in many ways, but it can also foster overdependence to the point that communication doesn’t feel natural anymore. Kylie Walsh joins us in this episode of Rockend Rockstars to discuss how to strike […]

Tech impacts property management – Emily Sim


The property management industry is changing in all sorts of ways. So we asked Ray White’s Emily Sim to join us in the latest episode of Rockend Rockstars to discuss how technology is shaping and changing the property management industry. Emily has been in property management for a long time, so for her to say […]

Efficient property management – Tamsin Wilson


Rockend Rockstars is a brand new series where we talk to some of the rockstars in the property management industry and we are absolutely delighted to present a show focusing on property management. Our guest for our first episode is Tamsin Wilson from Belle Property. Tamsin and Belle Property run a tight ship, focusing on […]

VIDEO – STEM, Women, and Superheroes – Rene Plamenac


The superhero concept is powerful. The idea of larger-than-life people defending us from evil and villainy is essentially the modern equivalent of fairy tales. And it’s not about being brilliant at everything, but about having that one skill, that superpower than inspires others. And today, we’re in a challenging situation. Decades of research reveals that […]