VIDEO – Three Horizons of Technology – Kylie Davis


Technology is driving how we, as professionals, will work in the property industry. Will technology bring about the end of the agent? But just how many consumers would be willing to use self-service estate agents & services? Kylie Davis joins Kevin to explain the ongoing role of the real estate agent. Kylie believes that in a […]

VIDEO – Don’t spend money promoting on Social – Joel Leslie


Kevin is joined by Joel Leslie, CEO of Propify – a social media marketing tool that has been launched on the Australian and New Zealand markets recently. We’re constantly being targeted by those “boost messages” promising bigger audiences to our posts on social media but Joel says it is not necessary and he explains WHY […]

VIDEO – The Future of Open Homes – Andrew Nicholls


Kevin is joined by Andrew Nicholls – the brains behind EyeSpy360 which is a bleeding edge technology to introduce a buyer to a property – and it could one day replace Open Homes. Virtual Tour company EyeSpy360 was launched in 2016 and has grown progressively since its inception. The company’s fundamental core is to offer […]

VIDEO – Cryptocurrency and Property – the future! – Piper Moretti

Tech Talk - Piper Moretti

Tech Talk is the new initiative from Switch Media Group to provide you with the latest property inspired technology from around the world. We kick off the series with Piper Moretti of Crypto Realty Group. Piper explains Crypto and why Bitcoin will impact real estate. *** About Piper. Piper Moretti is the CEO of The Crypto Realty Group, a Los Angeles-based firm specializing […]

VIDEO – Outspoken on Outsourcing – Darren Brady


In June this year, Beepo hosted a Study Tour of their facility in the Philippines focusing on Real Estate businesses which aims to show those who are considering outsourcing the best practices across sales, marketing, property management, administration and finance. One of the attendees – Darren Brady who is the Principal at Harveys Papakura joins […]