VIDEO – AI and human redundancy – Scott Matthews


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is synonymous with the technology industry but it hasn’t typically been a core component of real estate. However, it is slowly but surely demonstrating its worth across many parts of the industry.  So how is that impacting what we do?  Scott Matthews – Chief Data & Analytics Architect with Core Logic outlines […]

VIDEO – Turning Leads into Customers – Chris Smith


Chris Smith, USA Today best-selling author of The Conversion Code, co-founder of Curaytor, speaker, and speaker, with Turning Leads into Customers. Based upon his book The Conversion Code and his extensive experience as an inside salesperson as well as the co-founder of Curaytor, Chris Smith shares the secrets that will allow you to turn those […]

VIDEO – Digital twin – cities of the future – Michelle Zamora


Our feature guest this week in the show is an award winning, data driven Chief Marketing Officer and business strategist with twenty years of experience in marketing, sales, analytics and leadership. Prior to joining Willow and Ridley as Global Chief Marketing Office, Michelle Zamora held a similar role at IBM. Michelle’s experience and first-hand knowledge […]

VIDEO – Go Relational, Not Transactional – Matt Johnson and Greg McDaniel


Matt Johnson and Greg McDaniel are the founders and co-hosts of the Real Estate Uncensored weekly podcast (available on iTunes and Android and at Today, when the trend seems to be going completely digital, relational marketing is more important than ever for your success in 2019. To implement a more relational approach in your […]

VIDEO – Put Your Print Marketing on Steroids – Michael Krisa


Michael Krisa is Executive Editor of In today’s technological age where there is all this talk about Artificial Intelligence, chatbots and iBuyers, is print marketing really dead?  Absolutely NOT! It’s alive and well, provided you understand exactly how to use it to build rapport and  to stay top of mind with your clients.  Based […]