VIDEO – 5 days to better data – Sarah Bell


One of the most common questions on every real estate agent’s mind is “What CRM should I use?” But what if we told you that due to the burst of new technologies and how complicated it is to set them up with various CRM apps, asking which CRM you should use is not the best […]

VIDEO – Will Tech replace the Auctioneer? – James Bell


All technology has limitations. An autopilot mode allows you to fly and land aeroplanes, but no sane passenger would use one without an actual pilot. Driverless cars still need drivers. But what about tech and online bidding? Can they replace the auctioneer? We ask The Auction Group’s James Bell to discuss this with us in […]

VIDEO – Tech helps agency viability – Scott Downing


One of the biggest challenges facing the real estate industry right now is viability. Statistics reveal that 20% of agencies are struggling to break even. With the increasing pressure to reduce fees, business owners are looking for ways to cut back on overheads while increasing productivity at the same time. Scott Downing, Rockend’s Chief Customer […]

VIDEO – The future of mobile and AI in real estate – Dan Siegler


The future of mobile and AI in real estate – Dan Siegler Dan Siegler is the Head of Industry, Automotive, and Real Estate at Google. In this video, he shares how you can adapt your business and meet consumer expectations when it comes to using mobile. He also discusses how artificial intelligence can help you […]

VIDEO – 17 features for better comfort and reduced cost – Cecille Weldon

Cecille Weldon created and developed the Banksia award-winning Liveability Real Estate Framework in partnership with CSIRO. It has 17 property features for Australian homes that can reduce running cost and increase comfort at the same time. There are a lot of property features that don’t make it into advertising, perhaps because people aren’t familiar enough […]